The fashion and footwear industries are some of the most creative and vibrant businesses in the SME sector with many setting up every year - and sadly many going out of business. Due to the nature of these industries they often have a high media profile and frequently punch well above their weight as they experience rapid growth.  However due to underfunding and cash flow issues this often cannot be sustained, and the drop out rate in these sectors is very high.  


The main headache for the entrepreneurs running these  businesses is how and where to find the most appropriate external funding needed for their rapid development. As anybody who has tried to source funds knows, there is a bewildering range of options each demanding an understanding of what scheme is best for any set of business circumstances and what the benefits and pitfalls of each of them - whether this be Business Angels, Government aided banks, Crowdfunding, Private Equity, EIS and SEIS syndicates, or combinations of all.


The whole area is a minefield as a bad or untimely decision is the difference between a business growing or going under.