So how does Tailwind work?   Our first meeting will be a free 'health check' that has been designed to assess whether your company really does need external funding to make the profitable rapid development it seeks, or whether there are still internal sources of cash available before looking at external alternatives.


This initial meeting also clarifies whether fund raising should or should not be on the business agenda.


If we agree that the strategy should be to look for external funding then the aim is to ensure that your business is 'fit for purpose'.   At that stage Tailwind will work with you to ensure your business portfolio is prepared for an investor's scrutiny.


The next stages will focus on the type and level of the investment needed and the preparation of the strategy to obtain this. A detailed and powerful business plan with extensive financial support papers will be at the centre of this strategy and this will form the basis of the submission to a selection of sources of funds which we will identify for you.



the process